Being a Badass


Cross posted from GCimages. Originally posted on Oct. 4, 2012.

I wish I was half a badass as this kid was:

My brother and I had a great childhood equivalent to this kid and his dad. My dad made it a point to take us on camping trips, ski trips, fishing trips, and just anywhere outdoor trips. Like clockwork, every federal holiday, except Christmas, was a guaranteed camping/fishing or ski trip.

Sad to say I wasn’t quite a badass like the kid in the video. Between my brother and me, my brother was more of the badass growing up. He was the speed demon. On ski trips he’s the one that just took off and waited at the bottom before jumping on the ski lift with dad for another round (or race) on the slopes.

Me. No.

I was the one that did the falling leaf patterns, zigzagging down the hill. Because I didn’t want to fall.

I’m the one that hesitates a little when there are other cyclists near me. I’m the one that plays with the brakes too much because I think I’m going too fast when in reality, I’m barely going fast enough.

I’ve conquered falling–for the most part. Now I just need to conquer the speed.

H/t to my friend Christy.



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