My Bikescapade: Temperatures Dropping

Cross posted from GCimages. Originally posted on Nov. 6, 2012.

First, I ran into (the?) an adolescent buck again, around the same place I encountered it last time. Only, this time I was on my way home and I didn’t see it until I was almost parallel with it on the trail.

SOURCE: MyFWCmedia/FlickrPlease don’t attack me!

It was creepy.

Unlike the first encounter, this buck didn’t move. It just stood there on the trail edge, staring at me. I kept an eye on it, but refused to make eye contact with it (can animals sense something through eye-contact?!). I couldn’t decide if I should slow down and ease my way past the animal, or if I should just go for it and get away from a potentially bad situation.

I don’t remember how fast I went, but I remember as I passed the deer, the rustling of the leaves from my tire spooked the crap out of it and I thought it was the end.

The deer and I freak-galloped/cycled away from each other in opposite directions. I wasn’t clobbered by junior antlers and sharp hooves. ‘Til next time my friend. ‘Til next time.

In all seriousness though, to other cyclists who commute or ride on trails, roads frequented by deer: how do you act in the animals’ presence so as not to startle it and minimize potential fight response in the fight-or-flight scenario?

In weather related news: it’s been a bit wonky over here on the East Coast.

We just got hit with Sandy, a hurricane/tropic storm weather event, and much of New Jersey and New York are still suffering from major damage and limited resources. Prior to Sandy, the temperatures have been fairly mild, not dipping below 40°F but now that Sandy is gone, the temps have been dipping.

There’s a Nor’easter hovering around somewhere in the area, and there’s mixed reports as to whether the D.C. area will get any snow or if it’ll just be a cold, miserable wet day. We’ll see.

In my eagerness to get riding and be the “hipster” who’s all about biking instead of driving, I realize that I may not be fully prepared for the coming winter weather regarding my bike wear.

I have a hodge-podge assortment of long sleeve shirts, a pair of sweatpants and bike tights, some hoodies and a rain jacket which have all served me superbly (though I have yet to test my rain jacket yet). And while people say you don’t need bike-specific gear to get going, it doesn’t hurt to have some on hand—like a couple of insulated bike tights to keep your bum warm on frigid mornings. And I’m realizing I could definitely use another pair or two of the bottoms. I don’t think the two pairs I have now will last long without adding more pairs to the wear-rotation. Then again, if I can put a hole in the rear that’ll be a feat and testament to my love for cycling. (I guess?)

The three days it’s been super cold in the mornings, I noticed that I feel warmer in my bike clothes than I do in my regular clothes. And as comfy as my bike clothes are, I don’t think folks at the office will like me parading around in spandex or dirty sweatpants. *yikes*



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