Zombies in D.C.

Oct. 31 is usually when all the weirdos come out, or is the day non-weirdos have an excuse to be super weirdos…

In any case…

D.C. cycling folks joined up with BicycleSPACE, a bike shop on 7th Street near Mt. Vernon Park—and a shop I have yet to check out—went out of their way to bring the ultimate weirdness to our existing notion of slow (or fast depending on which version you want to deal with), and moaning zombies:


Can you imagine what an encounter like that would be like? (Not one I’d want to be in, that’s for sure.)

The infection had set in. Flesh was rotting off their faces and bodies and they were left in ragged, tattered, and torn clothing. As they made their way to BicycleSPACE, we couldn’t know if we would have what it would take to survive the Night of the Bicycling DEAD!



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