Powering Your Phones When There’s No Power


Cross posted from my other blog.

Bike-powered phone charging station?!?
SOURCE: psfk.com

I don’t know what is going on with the solar-powered bikini here, not to mention it looks uncomfortable, but I find it interesting that when we get excited about powering up our gadgets (or mostly just our cell phones), we like to point out these lavish-looking contraptions.

The fire-powered charter is interesting, and might be the best out of the four listed on Grist but what about things we already have to generate power?

I’m talking about situations like New York and New Jersey where energy sources are hard to come by post-hurricane/tropical storm/urban nightmare, why go through the trouble of trying to create new contraptions that’ll help us charge our phones?

I always thought the human-powered source (this might get tiring) hooked to a bike was pretty decent. I mean, not only do you get the exercise, but you get the benefit of seeing how your expended energy becomes energy for your phones and other electronic toys.



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