Bike Light That Highlights Your Approach

Visibility on the bike is crucial, especially during this time of the season when those of us who commute by bike are doing it in the wee hours of dawn or dusk, and those who just like to cruise around the solitude of the night. Hence all the crazy lights with gajillion-mile visibility that comes with wattage high enough to blind a blind person.

Blaze bike light

I came across this bike light via Urban Velo, which seems promising from the outset, but like Scott, after watching the video and reading more about it on the company’s page, I’m thinking this is more of a fun, trend light to have to spice up your bike more than a tool that’s likely to save you from turning and exiting vehicles.

The concept is there: visibility. And the bright green projection of a small bike makes sense, but in practice, I’m not so sure that this particular light will make your low-light bike travels any safer. My biggest criticism is where the light is projected in relation to a driver’s viewing range.

If the driver is up high—like a bus driver—then the likelihood of the light being seen is probably higher since that driver has a greater field of vision, but for those in smaller, regular commuter cars, that light may not ever be seen. When I drive I do look at the road itself, but most of my viewing is focused on the plane above the road, straight ahead, left, and right. I’m not looking on the road top. The thing that’s likely to get my attention is a regular ol’ flashing white light at the driver’s eye level (i.e. in their side/rear view mirrors).

Good try though, and it looks like a fun light to have.

product video

BLAZE – Kickstarter Launch Video from BLAZE COMPONENTS on Vimeo.



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