Everyday Bicycling


Last year I finally picked up bicycling and enjoy it tremendously. There are still a few things I’m oblivious about but my steel steed has served me well on my weekend joy rides and (almost)daily commutes to and from work.

Everyday Bicycling by Elly Blue But rather than be totally dependent on the local bike shop where I bought my bike, I wanted to get my hands dirty and learn the nitty gritty of bicycling. I bought a quick guide that gave the basics of how to fix a flat (which came in handy), how to tighten the brake cables, proper cleaning, etc. There are still some aspects of the mechanics that I’m not too comfortable embarking on my own, but that’s why we have bike shops right?


So in my pursuit of becoming a bicyclist and “soft” advocate for alternative and public transit I went perusing the webs for a book about bicycling to get me going.

There are a lot of books on bicycling. I mean. A LOT.

I was feeling a little overwhelmed about which one to choose, but for my first “bike read”, I picked up Elly Blue‘s Everyday Bicycling.

It’s a great book. It’s simple and easy to read. It’s got enough information to get you started, and not too much to make you bored.

I will admit that I didn’t read the entire book, since parts of it were irrelevant to me at the moment—like the section about organizing and leading rides or contacting city hall or organizing meetings. I don’t think I’m up to that level just yet.

But everything else was very informative.

Blue throws in her own experiences here and there which gives this easy read a personal touch that’s relatable, and she also does a great job discussing all the different bicycles there are, how to load your bike with cargo, maintenance, apparel. Shoot, I mean, she even talks about crotch health AND menstruation!

I don’t think very many bike books cover a topic as sensitive—yet obvious—as that.

The best part of the book, I thought, was that it’s written to inform. Blue throws in her personal perspectives here and there, but she doesn’t preach about “one right way” of bicycling. She recognizes that everyone has their preferences and acknowledges them in her book.

It was an inviting read. Makes me feel good about bicycling. It also makes me want to just go out and buy all the bikes.



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