Popsicle Legs

Seems like I can’t catch a break with the crazy weather in Maryland. It’s either raining like mad, super windy or just plain ol’ icy cold with wet snow or slush. And this sucks because I haven’t ridden much since Thanksgiving and I was getting excited about starting a new habit and lifestyle in biking.

But luckily there were a few decent days that I took advantage of, and one of those days just happened to be a super cold day. Maybe even the first day into this mini-snow front we’re getting in the DMV area.

It was my first time biking in temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit so you can probably imagine my concern about being underdressed.

I’m happy to say I wasn’t, except for my toes and shins. But that just means I need to invest in some wool socks and leg warmers. I could probably use some arm warmers as well, but overall my body didn’t experience the icy cold temperature while I was on the bike.

I was actually very pleased with myself when I got to work, face pink and wind-burned. My butt was a little numb and legs felt like they were weighed with lead but those were minor details to what I was really feeling: satisfaction and just plain good.

It feels good to ride, and I’ve realized that even in conditions that most consider miserable—like rain—you don’t really think about it. You only think about how good you feel and the burning in your leg muscles.

I was considering riding the next day but alas, the cold temps have done a number of my skin on my legs. *Yikes* So I took a break, and….

it snowed.

I really wanted to ride but this being my first winter season, I think I’m going to take it slow. (Not to mention get some winter-appropriate apparel, like wool socks.)

Of course, if it REALLY snows around here, maybe this will come handy.

Any cyclists got winter tips for a noobie cyclist?



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  1. Wes Brown says:

    Neoprene booties keep my toes warm. and wool socks make a huge difference. Sounds like you’ve got everything else covered. Good job! keep it up!

    1. Gina says:

      the neoprene booties and wool socks seem to be top tips overall. Thanks for the tip and thanks for reading!

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