I Hope I’m Not Blinding You

I’m not the type to do reviews, but here I am. These are informal and I’m not in any way suggesting that the gear I’m using is superior than another. It’s a situation of this is what I’m using right now and this has been my experience with it.


My first review (about friggin’ time I say!) is on my rear light—the Planet Bike blinky superflash.

Planet Bike superflash
Planet Bike superflash, mounted on a bike rack.
It’s a definite upgrade from my “I need immediately” purchase of the ASCENT lights. In fact, I’m even going to go out and say I’m actually embarrassed that I didn’t buy the PB light FIRST. But hey. Beginners gotta learn somewhere.

I’m amazed at how bright this light is. When I first took it out of the box, I played around with it different rooms in my apartment with different lighting levels to gauge its brightness and visibility at different distances. This shindig is amazing.

But I won’t like. When I have it on flash mode in the wee-hours of the morning, I can’t help but wonder if the person behind me being blinded or getting a headache from the flash pattern. Oops. But I’m confident that this light will let me be seen. No surprise maneuvers from drivers or other cyclists coming up behind me.

I sometimes seem to run into problems with the on/off button. Sometimes I can turn the light on/off without a problem, but other times I can’t seem to hit the right spot. I imagine that an actual button may be more convenient, but the lack of a distinguishable button may actually work in the design’s favor as to avoid any accidental switches of the light. Nothing would suck more than riding in low light and the button gets bumped, turning the light off!

I have the light mounted onto my bike rack, and I was a little miffed about having to buy a mount separately. But it was inexpensive and totally worth it so there it is. Mounted on the bike rack, which in of itself seems to be very sturdy and has not given me any problems like falling off while I’m riding.

The battery life from my experience is good. I haven’t ridden very much since the on and off rain and dropping temps, but I still have the original batteries in there from December. So the energy usage seems to be optimal for its purpose. I also noticed that the casing itself seems to be sealed well. It hasn’t suffered any water damage from rain (yet).

I’m actually very happy with this purchase, and can see it being used for a long time coming.



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