How Oblivious Cycling Can Be


I could have sworn that the light was on the rack without problems. I check everything before I ride all the time, and give things a little shake. That light was on there and it wasn’t coming off…

bike light remount
My bike light remounted.
except that it did.

I would’ve never known I had lost a piece of my bike were it not for a fellow friendly cyclist who saw the mishap and retrieved it for me. I would’ve just ridden all the way home, then have been totally crushed at the thought of having to buy another light so soon after just having bought this one.

At least it the light didn’t break apart in its crash landing.


Until I get some nuts and bolts that fit the mount, I’ve moved the light to the side with the mount that originally came with the light. I’m hoping this placement is doable. Bike friends, any suggestions?

And to the question of visibility, there was a concern that my pannier on the right side of the bike would block the light, but I have a Knog light clipped to my messenger bag, so I have some kind of red light visibility on my persons at eye-level with automobile persons.

I don’t know why. Maybe it was Karma or some eventuality, but (naturally) I write a review about my rear bike light and the thing falls right off my bike a few days later.



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  1. The timing is just too funny!! Glad you didn’t lose it forever!

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