Biking is Good For the Brain, Especially Young Brains


Here’s an interesting tidbit I came across in Atlantic Cities: A Danish study found that children who bike or walk to school had higher levels of concentration than children who were driven or took public transit to school.

Bicycle hazard sign in Portland
Salim Virji | Flickr
I’m not going to go into details about the study here but I surmise that cycling folks, and those who are health conscious are already aware of the psychological benefits of incorporating exercise into daily routines—like commuting by bike.

I’m wondering if perhaps as urban centers in the U.S. begin their shift into transit/ped/bike-friendly infrastructure, if we’ll see more families walking/biking their youngins to school, or whether the .5 mile drive will continue out of a hyper-fear of potential dangers that lurk in the streets.

Definitely check out that article.



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  1. Bill Chance says:

    Interesting article. I had a fall that looked just like that sign the other week (I was OK) – wish they had a warning on that railroad track crossing.

    Thanks for sharing.

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