Two Dogs on the Trail, Sometimes One

Dog riding a tricycle
National Media Museum|Flickr

There’s been an abrupt change in the weather and now the trails are busy busy busy with cyclists, runners, walkers, and kids who may be up to no good.

In just a short two days, the D.C. area has gone from an ice-wind, snowless drab to a humid, hot house. A great time to get back into the bike commuting lifestyle. After starting off somewhat late in the season last year, and having a rough go during the winter season, I’m excited for the turn in season. I like to think of this as a fresh start to a whole year with a new mindset in how I travel, and incorporate cycling into my life.

It’ll be fun. And I’ve already got the foundations started for the awesome awkward bike tan. The freckles on my face are also starting to show. This will be an interesting summer.

On The Trail

I never realized how many people commute by bike until this week. There are a lot of people out here with bikes. It’s kind of intimidating but also exciting, especially when I see other women on their bikes (though, of course, there could be more ☺).

I enjoy seeing other people on the trail, especially during those potentially lonesome hours going to work… though, to be real for a moment, my commute isn’t that early. I’m usually out the door and pedaling away no later than 7 a.m., but I do notice that even a one minute variation to my morning prep makes the difference. And, strangely enough, if I don’t see certain people on the trail, I know that I might be running slightly behind.

There’s the guy with the yellow backpack, and this tattoo on his right calf. There’s the guy who rides in denim and has two red panniers (friendly dude). There’s the older guy who I haven’t seen since that one cold, rainy day in November. And there’s this older lady with yellow panniers, her gold/white flocks flowing in the breeze. She always has a smile on her face.

Although I look forward to seeing these “familiar” faces on the trail, the faces I really look forward to seeing are these two labs, or sometimes just the one.

These two women walk their dogs every morning on this trail like clockwork and I love seeing their dogs—one a chunky chocolate lab, the other a slim black lab. The chunky lab is the most adorable dog ever, and you just want to jump off your bike to cuddle and play with it. The dogs are always playing with sticks, usually tug-o-war if they’re both walking. If the chunky one is out by itself, it’s usually just dragging a tree branch with it.

The rides feel good, but seeing these dogs is always guaranteed to be the highlight of my mornings.



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  1. Bonnie says:

    I’d like to see the chocolate Lab! Be safe out there.

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