Locked Path


First, here’s my post on National Bike to School Day, which is next week. Get your kiddies ready!

National Bike Challenge Day 2 | Total miles: 9.23 miles

Morning Commute


I thought today’s post would be fairly bland. There’s hardly ever anything that goes on in the mornings, other than knowing that I’ll see that big chocolate lab with its silly grin.

At least until I got to the tunnel that goes under Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda.

2009 Bethesda - Capital Crescent Trail by thisisbossi|Flickr

This part of the trail has gates on either end of the tunnel, which gets locked overnight to deter criminal behavior. So you’d imagine my surprise when I pulled up to the Elm Street Park end at around 7:25 a.m. and it’s locked. But apparently the other side was unlocked because there were two runners and one cyclist coming towards me.

Either someone forgot to unlock the second gate, or some prankster thought it’d be funny to lock one of the gates at some point during commuting hours.

We were all basically confused.

Then a guy on a bike came up behind me in disbelief.

All the time that I’ve biked through here, this has never happened, and I knew I could cut through the park but I’ve never actually biked on Wisconsin Avenue before. I didn’t even know where the park was in relation to where I worked.

So I hastily turned around to follow the guy… but I’m a slowpoke.

I figured it out eventually, and it was a little scary but kind of exhilarating at the same time. It’ll be interesting once the Purple Line gets underway to see how this part of the trail will be detoured and changed.

Afternoon Commute

The gate was open on my commute home which was nice.

I’m starting to get a rhythm, averaging about 30 minutes each way during my commute. Though, I noticed that some days just seem harder because of the day-to-day weight fluctuations in my messenger bag and pannier.

Waiting for those beautiful tan lines to start forming but nothing really showing yet. This might be due to the fairly shady nature of the trail itself… which might not be a bad thing in hindsight.

I’m starting to learn that the transition from winter to hot spring/summer is a fickle time of the year.

Forty degrees in the morning feels slightly chilly compared to 70 degrees in the afternoon, but it’s nowhere near the colder morning temperatures of the winter… and it seems I haven’t quite figured out how to appropriately dress myself for such drastic temperature changes within a day.

Just yesterday, I wore leggings under my compression-lined gym shorts with a long-sleeve top. I wasn’t miserable but I was hot. And I couldn’t just strip down on the trail to get comfortable.

This morning I just threw on some compression-lined gym shorts, tank top, T-shirt, and hoodie. That seemed okay. I wasn’t terribly hot, but my legs were turning slightly pink from the chilly breeze. BUT! I know that for my commute home, I’ll only need to shove my hoodie into my pannier and call it a day.

Oh the extra bulk!

If anyone has any suggestions on well-made but very budget-friendly gear, please share!

Total challenge miles: 18.38 miles


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