Look at All Them Bicycles


Saw this in the Twitter feed Friday morning and it’s quite mind boggling. The League of American Bicyclists has a post up with some bike challenge numbers, which just keep going up! So far, over 18,800 riders nationwide are signed up for the challenge! And the League is projecting the numbers to go up 25,000 for a total of 20 million miles traveled!!!

It’s hard enough to see videos of whole streets blocked off for what seems like a city’s entire population on bikes, but to imagine 25,000 people on their trusted two-wheeled beauts? I can’t.

Nonetheless, this is extremely exciting.

NBDC Day 3 | Total Miles: 9.32

Morning Commute

Beautiful morning on Friday. I always think I’m going to see more and more bike friends in the morning but I don’t. I usually see about four others at different points on the trail but perhaps I don’t really see other people because it’s still a wee bit too early in the morning. Or, people just aren’t riding their bikes…

While waiting for a light at Connecticut Avenue, I may or may not have been honked at by a service van. I don’t think I was in the way of his turning space. But he may have been honking at the car trying to make a U-turn into his space. Connecticut Avenue is all sorts of FUBAR.

When I bike to work in the mornings, I’ve noticed a strong desire to just keep biking down the Capital Crescent Trail without stopping. The DC side of the trail is so nice and paved. It’s such a smooth ride compared to the east side of the trail (or the Georgetown Branch Trail) which is basically a hodgepodge of crushed gravel, sand, rough holes and bumps, and all sorts of sadness. As much as I love having a trail from my apartment to the office, I really don’t like the trail. The alternative is to possibly bike on East West Highway, but the drivers freak me out and there a few precarious sections that I wouldn’t want to try on a bike.

Afternoon Commute

Commute home was a bit rough. Ever since I got back to the office from getting lunch, my face has been like a leaky faucet. I was coughing a bit while biking home, which probably made the whole situation worse because this whole weekend has been nothing but a runny nose and scratchy, burning throat.

There were also a lot of little children on the trail Friday afternoon. I’m guessing that maybe they were a part of a local Girl Scouts chapter or some all-girls event. Couldn’t really tell because there wasn’t really a uniform thing to tell me what they were doing there… but they were pretty much in the way on the trail. And no one seemed to care.

Total challenge miles: 27.7


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