The Pitter-Patter of Rain

NBC Day 5 | Total Miles: 9.19

From Saturday's rainy bike ride. #latergram #dailypug #pugclubusa #pugsofinstagram #leicaharrietpancakes
If I had a poncho like this, I’d be the coolest kid on the trail.

Tuesday I worked from home because of this cold that just won’t go away. So no miles logged.

Yesterday, despite high probability of rain, I biked to work. Better than Monday, but my body is just tired and stiff, no doubt from being sick and then (probably) overworked from the slightly hilly commute between Silver Spring and Bethesda.

Yesterday was also National Bike to School Day, and while I was hoping to see groups of kiddies on their bikes in the morning, I wasn’t surprised that I didn’t see any. My commute may have been earlier than their trek to school, but the potential for rain could have left many to second guess the biking to school idea.

Either way, I hope all those kids and their parents who did bike had a great time.

I was thinking about taking my bike onto the bus going home, but seeing that it wasn’t raining—at the time—I decided to (do the right thing) bike home.

It looked like it would just RAIN at any moment, but luckily it didn’t start raining until the last mile home. Which means when I was done travelling on the crushed gravel and mud (hooray!). BUT it was also ridiculous how much rain just came down the last 5 minutes on bike. Between getting off the trail near Michigan Avenue and stopping near the 16th and East West Highway cross streets, I was basically drenched.

Nevertheless, I find rain riding is quite soothing. I just need to get some protective eye wear so I don’t get dirt and grit into my eyeballs.

Image: shortformelissa|Flickr
Total challenge miles: 45.89


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