Bike to Work Day is almost here!


NBC Day 6 | Total miles: 9.13

My bike buddyDon’t remember much about Monday’s commute, except on my ride home, this woman kindly reminded me that walkers like it when bicyclists have bells.

Noted. (Confession: when she said “walkers” I immediately had images of zombies in my head.)

NBC Day 7 | Total miles: 9.47

Today was a beautiful day, but a wee bit on the hot and humid side. The morning commute was beautiful. The temperature could’ve been a tad bit warmer but otherwise the cool breeze was perfect. Then, around 4 p.m. it hit 80 degrees. Gross.

The need for protective eyewear was, once again, confirmed on my ride home. Stuff from the trees are falling in the breeze, and I got something like a small rock or tree debris caught in my eye. Not a good feeling. Then a small fly got caught in my eyelashes, also not a good feeling. Anyone have any suggestions on eyewear that’s budget friendly but still performs well? (I.e., doesn’t slip off your face when you sweat).

I may also need to get new break pads soon. I’m also thinking I need to replace the tube for the rear tire with a more appropriate to the tire… But I’m not sure how this all works. All I know is that I get a weird feeling about my tires going flat or not performing as they should, and it’s affecting my ride.

Total challenge miles: 64.49


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