Dandelion Minefield

Juehua Yin|Flickr

Dandelion madness! MADNESS! Except the ones I encountered seemed to be coming down from the trees…

NBC Day 11 | Miles 9.23

The weather app on my phone informed me yesterday morning that it was already close to 70°F. It didn’t feel too bad, but maybe it’s because there’s this looming probability of rain so there’s a nice low pressure front keep things sort of cool. EXCEPT! While walking my bike out to my “hop on” spot, I noticed the air felt heavy and wet.

Gotta love that humidity.

NBC Day 10 | Miles: 9.14

My commute home Monday was filled with floating dandelion fuzzies… just sticking to my eyelashes and face and mouth and everything. Ugh. Besides that, the ride was fairly uneventful. NEED SUNGLASSES/EYEWEAR.

It’s getting hot hot HOT! But it feels pretty good.

Total NBC miles: 101.28


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