Nice n’ Easy Holiday Ride

NBC Day 12 | 8.95 miles

Sligo Creek ride 5.27.13Haven’t commuted by bike since last Tuesday. I know, horrible. But in some ways it turned out okay because the weather turned sour near the end of the week. And I went on a nice and easy ride with M on Monday.

At first I thought riding almost nine miles was pretty good. Then I realized that nine miles is about what I do when I commute to and from work by bike. So it wasn’t anything to get too crazy about, but it still felt good knowing that this was nine miles in one trip, instead of broken into two trips like the commutes are.

This is the first ride M and I have been on together for a while. I can’t remember the last one we went, but hopefully we’ll be able to get more rides in this summer.

The trip was sort of unplanned. We just had the general idea of going for a bike ride without having a solid idea of where to go. I always commute on the Georgetown Branch Trail, and although I still want to bike on the Capital Crescent, into Georgetown, I was thinking that trail might be busier than normal. SO- I suggested Sligo Creek, towards College Park, Md.

We didn’t make it all the way to College Park, but we made it to University Blvd., where the trail breaks awkwardly.

Overall it was a nice ride. We did a lot of back and forth riding, stopping at this picnic pavilion here and that pavilion/soccer field there but it was great. The only thing that sucks going home is travelling the hilly terrain. But somehow we found a nice “short cut” or a different route from the way we started and avoided most of the hills.

The weather wasn’t sunny or warm, but it was nice for an easy, leisure ride. I did have my rain jacket in my pack just in case. And sure enough, about an hour after we got home, it started to rain.

Hooray for non-BBQ holiday weekends.

Side note: M and I went to a wedding Saturday near Sugarloaf mountain. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. I saw a few cyclists out during my travel to the wedding site/reception site and oh my- I want to ride my bike on this terrain.

Total NBC miles: 110.23


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