Sketches From a Bike Trip Around the World


I have to agree with Jess Zimmerman’s comments here:

… UGH, some people have the BEST LIVES. Pardon me while I go weep into my unwashed dishes.

But as dull as my life is compared to Sophie Binder’s ride-a-bike-around-the-world life, her book is actually quite interesting. (I don’t have the book—yet. But the info on the Indiegogo page sounds pretty cool.)

Here’s a video too:

Binder left her job in 2001 and went on a grand adventure, covering 14,000 in 14 months. With her bike.


I have similar aspirations to do a travelogue of sorts, a bike tour/photo project but not as extensive as Binder’s. For one, my aspirations for this particular project is limited to a single country, inspired in part by Paul Theroux’s The Kingdom by the Sea, but the overarching concept is similar to Binder’s—travel by bike, document my experiences/what I see through art (which in this case would be a camera).

For now, I shall enjoy the outdoor opportunities available to me in the humidity pool that is D.C.



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