Short and Hilly

NBC Day 13 | 4.43 miles

Meadow Lane ride

Was in Calvert County, Md., for the second weekend in a row. Original plans to go for a nice n’ easy ride the previous weekend fell through, but we were able to throw in a short ride on Sunday.

And it was hilly.

The distance of the ride wasn’t long. It’s slightly shorter than my commute to work BUT…

the hills.

Instead of following Briscoe Turn Road down toward Lower Malboro, we rode into a development called The Meadows.

Should be called The Hills.

That coupled with the humidity and heat left us feeling slightly ill, so we kept the ride short and sweet.

One of perks of bringing my bike down to Matt’s mom’s place is the fairly quiet, winding back roads. There a few blind turns, but I guess that adds to the excitement. It’s nice to ride on asphalt, and feel myself gliding over the landscape. Quite a different experience than my commute to work, mostly done on the unpaved Georgetown Branch Trail, with muddy holes, bed of leaves and branches, and crushed gravel.

Total NBC miles: 114.66


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