Rain or Shine, and Maybe Even a Thunderstorm or Five


It’s July. It always seems like time flies around this time of year… or maybe it only feels like this because I didn’t really ride during June. *gasp*

It’s true.

Rock Creek Trestle From Silver Spring
Dan Reed|Flickr (My favorite local blogger)

I missed the first three weeks of the month for whatever reason, but was able to throw in one short and hilly four miler. The last week of June I went hogwild and just biked to and from work every day in a crazy effort to get back into the groove.

At first it seemed okay. Though, I wasn’t quite ready for the 75°F mornings and high humidity, or the punishing sun on my way home. It also didn’t help that our weather in Maryland has been, for the most part, unpredictable. We’ve had thunderstorm warnings for five straight days, and naturally, on the 5th day, it rains. And rains and rains and rains. Stop and go.

When I was getting ready to go home, it just poured out of nowhere. In summary, my co-worker drove me home, with my bike thrown into the back of her truck.

This weather is just crazy, and it puts quite a damper on bike plans.

With all this on and off rain, it sure to affect the trail conditions, but man… Georgetown Branch Trail is just tedious to ride on during bad weather. There were a few tree branches here and there, but it’s the random mud pits that make it worse. The fence along the golf course was partially bent over, into the trail too, which was an interesting sight to see.

I hope this crazy weather stops. But until then, onward we ride through muck or shine.

Total miles 2013: 240.38
Total June miles: 36.84


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