Carry by Bike

I’ve been away for some time, mostly because I couldn’t find the motivation to write, but also because it’s been kind of busy. BUT not too busy that I couldn’t keep biking to and from work.

I’m enjoying this mode of transportation quite a bit, but it also has the strange effect of making me think loading my Metro card is wildly expensive. Which, it can be at $1.60 per ride. I don’t know if I get charged some cents extra for riding the limited stop going on home sometimes, but I feel like the bus is a serious money suck.

Because I had no money to reload my card the last few weeks, the bike has been my ride and I don’t regret it one bit. Only annoyed by the strange succession of flat tires I’ve gotten—three in eight days.

Taking home my CSA share by bike It’s so easy to just ride to work, but it’s also easy to just not have to get up and get ready for a bike ride.

This year, I managed to ride a full five days to, and from work for only one week. Hoping to keep that going, but generally I ride four days every week. I haven’t been riding on Thursdays because that’s when my office gets our CSA vegetables, and I’m still trying to figure out to transport the veggies home by bike.

I did manage to take my vegetables home one day. My pint carton got a little smooshed in my small Timbuk2 messenger, and my pannier smells like basil (not complaining), but I think I might need to get a second pannier to better balance the load of the vegetables and clothes on my bike.

Currently, everything would get loaded on the right side of bike, and my back, which seems to be doable right now. But when you’re bringing home almost two pounds of tomatoes, and almost three pounds of summer squash, on top of your clothes, the weight gets a little weird.

(Though, I will say that the added weight has made for a nice challenge up some of the hilly segments of my commute. Go cycling legs!)

August is almost over. The mornings are getting darker, and cooler. Here’s to planning on riding more this winter than I did last year.

July stats: 120.31 miles / 2013 Total: 407.12 miles


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  1. Bonnie says:

    Mark’s bike bags are here if you want them.

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