Nuun Hydration Tabs – Product Review

Nothing persuades like motherly love.

This entire summer, without fail, my mom has always added these cautionary words to every email to me: It’s hot outside, so if you bike, make sure to drink your electrolytes! (My parents live overseas, so the bulk of our communication is done via email…)

nuun She even suggested adding a pinch of salt to my water.

I tried that. Made a sour face, vowed to never do it again, except when I’m sick and I need to gargle.

But I knew mom was right. On super hot days, like the ones we’ve had this summer, I couldn’t just drink water. But what do I get? Where do I look?

I remembered one of my bike friends talking about Nuun, so I decided to get some.

For a time I debated whether I should get single tubes, or get a 4-pack.

I was at REI not too long ago, and decided to get the 4-pack. If I remember correctly, it was $22, compared to the $6.50 it cost for the single tubes. Slight bargain, I guess, considering I wasn’t about to go and start writing posts for every single flavor that existed. The options at REI were also not that great, which left me to get this 4-pack specifically as opposed to a different one.

My overall thoughts on the tabs themselves: I like the tabs, and on those particularly sweltering, high humidity days, the tabs do lend a feeling of refreshment that water sometimes doesn’t, especially after the day’s temps have turned it kind of warm. I just found most of the flavors in this pack a little off.

This pack was an “active hydration” pack with flavors: orange, tri berry, lemon-lime, and citrus fruit.

The lemon-lime was my least favorite. It tasted like stale lemonade—as in, lemonade that’s sat out too long and is lukewarm//not crisp. Not going to lie, it also looked like pee in my water bottle.

The two citrus flavors, orange and citrus fruit, were interesting. The orange wasn’t too bad, but every time I drank it, it reminded me of the orange-flavored fiber powder I have at the apartment. I don’t really want to keep thinking that I’m drinking my fiber instead of the the hydration tab.

The citrus fruit wasn’t exciting. Like the lemon-lime flavor, it has a “stale” citrus juice taste to it.

The tri-berry had a sickly sweet association to it, but I found it to be the best out of the four in the pack.

I’m looking at getting another 4-pack of different flavors. Maybe these ones will taste better.

What are your experiences with hydration tabs? Do you have any favorite brands or flavors you absolutely swear by?



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