The Mormon Temple Hill Is Not for Noobs


Thanksgiving break. The time of year that sets off a cascading line of excuses to leave the bike sitting in the apartment, never seeing the light of day until the first days of spring.

Let’s just say, I’m happy I registered for WABA’s Cider Ride. Without this post-Thanksgiving ride looming on the horizon, I can honestly say I’d give into the temptation of not commuting or riding the bike as much.

Not good, considering last winter was a total fail.

Of course, my plans for actually riding throughout the Thanksgiving holiday weekend was botched. But I only have myself to blame. Womp womp.

In an attempt to “train” for the mid-range ride of 40 miles or so this Saturday, I took Rocinanté (my bike has a name!) for a ride almost double my normal commute.

My commute each way is about 4.6-something miles.

This past Sunday, I biked 19.7 miles. It didn’t seem tough at first, until about four and a half miles in. Instead of following Beach Drive, I ended up following Stoneybrook Drive. The hill of doom that passes the LDS Temple and church building entrances. The hill of doom that shreds the legs of noobs.

I stopped twice going up this hill. But instead of turning back and speeding down the way I came, I decided to try and find a work around. After getting off that hill, all was good. Fun times.

I ended up connecting with the Kensington Parkway, back to Beach Drive, going north towards Rockville.

This is my first time on Beach Drive. My first ride longer than 10 miles, not split with an 8 hour break between two short rides.

It was a really great ride.

I thought about going all the way into Rockville, but for a first time, I thought that might be pushing it a little. I got to Viers Mill Park, took a short break, then headed back home.

Again, great ride. It wasn’t crowded, and it wasn’t cold or too hot. There were a few times, going across bridges and around some bends where cars were cutting it a wee-bit close to me. But I kept my cool. Was quite annoyed but kept my cool.

When I got home, my legs were stiff and I was walking around like I had just gotten off a horse. Great feeling though.

Looking forward to the Cider Ride, and looking forward to more long-ish rides. May be time to look into a recreational bike instead of using my commuter bike. (Here comes the crazy cyclist equation where you have way more bikes than apartment space allows.)

Happy riding!


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  1. Rachel says:

    That hill is terrible. I have ridden up it once, and I was fine with that.

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