Happy Riding in 2014


Happy new year bike friends!

I’m sure you all have a lovely biking “resolution” for 2014, or some kind of bucket list you hope to check off by the end of this year. Good for you!

My only goal was to incorporate more biking into my lifestyle, mainly by commuting year-round.

Alas, I have a confession.

the current state of my bikeIt’s only the second day into the new year, but I’ve already failed. I’ve been failing since mid-December, when the DC area got that lovely rain-ice-snow mixture that more-or-less rendered the Georgetown Branch Trail useless, unless you have knobby/studded tires (which I don’t).

It isn’t that I didn’t want to ride, but somehow I’ve managed to concoct a strange excuse for procrastinating on my bike commuting goal. Mainly concerned with my tires’ lackluster performance on ice/snow-packed trail conditions, I’ve convinced myself that I “can’t really ride” in this weather.

I need winter tires. But I don’t want to switch the tires out every season. I don’t know what kind of tires to get. Do I really need winter tires? DC’s winter weather isn’t consistent, so would it be a waste of money?

All hogwash, I know.

It also doesn’t help that the GTB trail and parts of Rock Creek are undergoing deer management through February. Apparently, they’re engaging the deer between 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., but suggest people don’t use the trail at all (or that’s my interpretation…)? That’s not a very good motivator in of itself.

Now I’m debating on whether to just invest in an indoor trainer, but even then I’m left with huge question marks dancing around my head.

Bike friends, suggestions?



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