The (more or less) Roy G. Biv Experience


Everyone has a special place where the best thinking happens. For me, sometimes that’s on the john. But if not thinking, or clear mindedness can be a form of thinking, then the best place where I get my thinking done is on the bike.

If there’s one thing I’ve experienced from my regular bike commutes and rides, it’s the amazing feeling of nothingness in my head while I’m pedaling around.

True, I’m not not thinking about things, but it seems the triviality of every day things that creep into my head while I’m sitting at work or at home doesn’t happen when I’m on the bike. Nor are my thoughts clustered and sporadic.

My mind. It’s quiet. More organized. More aware. Yeah, I’m thinking about my movement with the bike, but I’m not thinking about work stuff, finances, trends, and other everyday “problems.”

I’m more focused on the space around me. The leaves, green in the summer, turning yellow and red and orange as the weather turns, until they fall to the ground.

The sunrise. The red-orange sun against the bright blue-indigo and sometimes purple sky (or even the sun set for that matter!) as I cross the bridge over Rock Creek.

The squirrels and other woodland creatures scurrying about for nuts and other food stuffs. The occasional red Cardinal that just sits in the middle of the trail, almost daring you to run it over (I’ve never run over a bird. Or other animal while on a bike.)

The state of alternative transportation, and how the Purple Line might impact the poor Georgetown Branch Trail. Or what drivers think of us cyclists when we’re crossing Connecticut Avenue, especially on those dreary rainy days. They probably think we’re crazy, and smugly smile to themselves because they’re nice and dry in a steel box (or cool and not sweaty on hot days).

And the general sight is so much better than when you’re in a car or a bus or even the train.

Today, Garrett, a bike friend Tweeted this out:

To which I replied (then he replied):

Amid all the traffic, weather, tube blowouts, and what not, there’s a level of serenity and peace that exists with biking. And despite the frigid temperatures we’ve all seen these past few days, Garrett’s picture captures what I like most about being on a bike. It’s so inviting.

Today’s post inspired by the Daily Prompt: Simply the Best AND Roy G. Biv AND Day 6 of Zero to Hero blogging


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