Oh, weather, you tease

There were a lot of people out last weekend, and no amount of bell ringing by Sarah could clear our bikes’ paths.

And for good reason.

After a bout of snow, we experienced some really nice weather. Temps were in the upper 50s to mid-60s, snow mostly melted away. And like everyone else in the DC area, there was no way Sarah and I could pass up on a leisurely bike ride.


Starting out from Euclid Street, we hopped onto Beach Drive and followed the trail towards the Tidal Basin, which awesomely enough was still frozen! (Map of route below)

We followed along the Potomac River, took a short break at the MLK memorial, and continued towards the White House to hook up with the 15th Street cycle track. I love those effin’ bike lanes.

This was the first time I visited the MLK memorial. Very interesting.

Looking over the frozen Tidal Basin, towards the Jefferson Memorial was a nice, relaxing break from the hassle of trying to pass ear-bud wearing runners and blank-staring tourists. Standing along the edge of the Basin in silence, you can hear the faint sound of ice cracking and breaking. It was almost unreal. I mean, you only hear that stuff in National Geographic documentaries about glaciers and disappearing ice lands.

There were little snowballs chillin’ on the Basin’s frozen surface, no doubt thrown by kids. There were also nickels, quarters, and pennies suspended in the ice.

Crossing in front of the White House, we stopped again to watch a group of guys play some street hockey. Sarah commented on the 90s feel the whole thing had. I haven’t seen street hockey in action since middle school, when the neighborhood kids on the residential base played it.

Oh memories.

On to 15th Street! From which we made another quick stop at Bicycle Rack.

I had some inquiries, and ended up buying new wheel sets for Rocinanté. The steed is pleased. (Thanks, mom and dad for those gift cards!)

While the good folks at Bicycle Rack were fitting the new wheels on, Sarah and I went and had lunch at a place called Drafting Table. I’m always amazed at the proximity of things in DC. Just on 14th Street alone is a nice plethora of eateries and things to check out. I love the city.

Once I picked up my newly blinged out steed, I prepped for my return ride home, back to Silver Spring. And yes, I said ride.

For the many time I’ve visited Sarah in Columbia Heights, I’ve always contemplated biking home. But until Saturday I never brought myself up to it.

Well, now I know it can be done.

And while the 14th Street bike lane for most of the ride is beautious, it is one hilly freakin’ ride.

Considering it’s been almost a month since I last rode, biking home that day may have been overly ambitious. But what can you do when you’ve contemplated the idea and repeatedly looked at the route on Google maps?

Unfortunately, winter has returned with a backhanded strike across our faces. My heart sank when I saw this from Capital Weather Gang:

Apparently this beast is supposed to last until mid-March?!

My bike weeps…

Here’s a look at our route from Saturday:


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