Winter, Don’t Come Back

I’m totally OK with winter not returning for the rest of the year, as I’m sure the rest of BikeDC is.

I went out for a solo ride two weeks ago, when we had that really nice weekend weather, taking advantage of the non-winter weather temps. Good thing too because I was getting antsy about not being able to ride. All that snow and ice really does put a damper on the biking.

I saw that most of BikeDC was also taking advantage of the sweet weather. I saw all sorts of people: old, young, groups, solos, leisure riding, training. What really excited me was the number of women I saw out on their bikes.

And while it was great riding by myself, I probably should’ve called up some folks to ride with. I saw Michelle’s pictures from her ride and yep. Looked like a lot of fun. And post-ride Gordon Biersch? It seems I missed out.

Weekend Route

My initial plan for Saturday’s ride was to take the Georgetown Branch Trail from Silver Spring to Bethesda, and ride the Capital Crescent for as long as I could before feeling like turning back. Of course, given the GTB’s predictably pathetic state, this is not what happened.

why is it so hard for the GTB to get some love?

After riding from the trail head at Stewart Ave, I jumped ship at the Grubb Road connection and opted for Rock Creek Park.

There’s some serious work going on around the Rock Creek tressel.

The trail itself was mostly clear of ice and snow. There were a few ice patches, but after ambling over those, it was all pretty clear. And this time, I didn’t make the mistake of going up the hill past the LDS temple. Yowza. Learned that mistake once. No need for a repeat.

All in all I did a nice 15.5 mile ride, but I must be a glutton for punishment because the last stretch of my ride back into Silver Spring, I decided to bike on East West Highway to get a feel for it when it wasn’t so busy.

Didn’t realize the hill up to Grubb Road was that steep. And I should’ve just walked my bike up past Summit Hills apartments, because I knew that hill was steep. I took the self-imposed challenge, made a few safe stops along the way and made it to the top, and back on home.

It felt great guys. Really, it did.


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