A Little Rain Never Hurt Nobody

Says I, determined to finally take Rocinanté out for a spin and not jump on the boxy contraption that is the bus.

Despite my personal disdain for the Georgetown Branch Trail, I decided to take it to work yesterday morning and surprisingly, it wasn’t too bad.

There were still some tread marks of cyclists past, but they weren’t as intimidating as they were the last time I rode on them, when the temperatures still hovered in the teens and single digits.

bikehome472014 But that hint of happiness was short-lived. Rain came, and it poured.

Knowing how bad some segments of the trail are with lots of rain, I decided to just avoid it all together on the way home.

Taking on some inspiration from Ricky, I quadruple-checked Google Maps for a route home, cutting through the Chevy Chase neighborhood.

While I don’t mind riding in the rain, there’s a tinge of frustration at knowing you have to deal with it, and everything sticking to you like wet dog fur as you trek through neighborhood streets, hydro-planing down hills and struggling to go up hills. (Why is this neighborhood so hilly?!)

After about 35 minutes, I made it home. Wet, but luckily not soaked through. Well… except for maybe my socks but whatever.

Keeping off the Georgetown Branch Trail is a very zig-zaggy route but bike gods it feels so much better than trudging through the mud and grime of the trail.

And here I make a mental note to myself: don’t try a fairly new route when it’s raining. And definitely don’t ride in the rain when you’re already suffering from a questionable bout of allergies that may, in fact, be a head cold. Made worse by the fact that you were exercising yourself in the rain for 35 minutes. Thumbs up.



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