Bern Berkley All-Season Helmet (Review)

A few weeks ago Bicycle Space had a very intense flash sale, a move which I can only assume was meant to make space on their floor for newer product coming in.

Makes sense.

Having wanted a new helmet for some time, I jumped on that flash sale. In flash-flood-like conditions. It rained heavily dear readers. But I was still awkwardly very early to the shop.

bernhelmet2 I didn’t get kicked out. And I was not made to wait outside. The folks at Bicycle Space were very nice, and I just stayed out of their way while they set up the shop for the flash sale. And yes, I did do a scan of everything they were putting to see if anything, other than a helmet, piqued my interest.

They had a lot of helmets.

And not just “a lot” of helmets, dear reader. A LOT.

I wasn’t afraid of not being able to find my size. I did get concerned about color though. I’m very picky with colors read: I’m very picky about very girly looking things

After waiting for about an hour and half for the sale to start, more and more people started trickling in. Apparently there was a line out the door. Poor blokes, standing out in on-and-off pouring rain.

So I got my helmet, a nice matte, black Berkley Bern helmet, with a visor in it.


I’ve been wearing the new helmet for about a week now, but the real test for it came on Mother’s Day, during the CycloFemme DC ride. The temperatures were in the 80s. The sun was not blocked by clouds. It was beating down us earthly beings, heating the asphalt and all things black. Like my helmet.

The one thing I like about this Bern helmet, is that it fits like a nice molded blanket around your head. It’s a very good feeling. Unlike my Giro helmet, the Bern helmet has this strangely secure feeling to it. Perhaps it’s the shape.

And the visor. Oh, gosh. The Visor.

bernhelmet Makes a huuuuuuuuge difference. And proved to me of its worthy during Sunday’s ride.

I still could have used sunglasses, but I was not in desperate need of one, thanks to how much coverage the helmet’s visor provided. One fellow lady rider commented on how it looked like the visor was giving my face very ample coverage.


Now back to temperatures.

It averaged in the 80s on Sunday, and while the helmet did get hot to the touch (it’s black, so it absorbs the sunlight), it was surprisingly not hot on my head.

At no point did I feel like I was overheating because of the helmet. Which is a good sign, maybe, for the rest of the summer to come.

I’m also excited for the winter, and the winter accessories that I’ll be able to snap into the helmet. But that’s still a ways off.

The one thing I wish I could change though, is the buckle. After seeing Nutcase’s helmet, with that magnetized buckle, I find myself longing for that buckle, but on a Bern. The Nutcase didn’t really sit right on my head.


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