Navigating the Crescent

After months of never riding past the bridge over Bradley Boulevard in Bethesda, I finally made the trip on the Capital Crescent Trail from Silver Spring to Georgetown. And it was magnificent.

The transition from gravel and washed out sand to smooth, hard, flat surface was like riding in a dream.

Every morning that I biked to work, I never make it past the newly-installed bike air and repair station. My office is just down those flight of stairs and past the garage. And every morning that I get to this point, I always wonder what would happen if I just kept going. Like, don’t even go to the office. Just keep riding. (I’d probably get reprimanded or something.)

capcrescent bike selfie The weekend of the 4th, Matt and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and decided to just go for it. I didn’t have any idea what it would be like—how long, if snacks should be brought, terrain, etc.

It was a surprise when we got to the trail head in Georgetown, and it hadn’t even been an hour since we started off in Silver Spring. Not too shabby. We took a short break and watched the folks out on the river in kayaks, canoes, and on paddle boards. That looked like loads of fun. Then we turned around and headed back towards Silver Spring.

There were a few choke points where it got busy, but for the most part, I think people were friendly enough to each other.

The Capital Crescent is very beautiful, and I got really exited when we rode parallel with the C&O canal. It’s so nice and serene. It fueled my desire to do a multi-day C&O canal ride even more. If it doesn’t happen this year, it’ll happen sometime. It will.

On our way back we stopped at Fletcher’s Boathouse (Cove?) for a quick bite of hotdogs and potato chips. People were setting off from the pier in rowboats and canoes here too, which was awesome.

There were quite a bit of people out and about, not doubt to take advantage the unseasonably cool July 4th weekend. I know the Cap Crescent was busy on the weekends, but overall, it actually wasn’t that bad. As long as people aren’t being jerks to each other, I say let’s all carry on.


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