Destination Fails, Content Bike Ride

Despite the sudden onslaught of class work that lies ahead of me before the small, but much needed Thanksgiving break, I decided to go for a bike ride today near Prospect Heights to check out the opening day of Brooklyn Flea’s winter market.

Except I didn’t go into the market because upon arriving to the location, between Classon and Franklin avenues, I noticed there wasn’t a place to park my bike. Signs were also a bit scant, so it was hard to tell if the place was even open (though it was, because you don’t market the time for 3 weeks and not be open). And adding to my slight confusion, it appeared that some vendors were still unloading their vehicles.

So after looking around a bit, I decided to just head back towards Bushwick.

I guess I could have just taken my bike inside the market, but the idea of doing so is still foreign to me. Though, on my way home on Myrtle Avenue, I saw a guy walk out of Duane Reade with his bike like it was no big deal. Stopped at a red light, I took a quick look around and noticed that this entire corner was devoid of any spot to lock up a bike to. Then I realized maybe bringing a bike into an establishment isn’t so outlandish after all. I’ve seen it before in a grocery store… someone clarify or give me guidance on this.

Sidebar: Also on Myrtle Avenue, I saw a police officer throwing a football around with some kids. A brief moment of “awwww.” But only brief.

While on my ride home, I decided I’d stop at North Brooklyn Cycles to have my crank arm looked at. The knee pain is coming back again, especially after the Sleepy Hollow ride a few weeks ago (still working on the write-up. I promise.), and someone suggested that maybe the crank arm was out of wack. Of course, it wasn’t even 11:30 a.m. yet, so no one was open. Not even the thrift store that I was thinking of stopping at after the bike shop.

Slightly dejected at the outcome of my destinations, I bought some coffee and went home.

I’ve never experienced a “content” bike ride before, and if I’m parsing through my feelings about it, I think I’m upset that that was my bike ride today.

What a weird day.


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