Riding on a Greenway

Sun’s out, (bike) buns out guys.

One of the things I’m quickly learning about living in the Flatbush area is that bike rides are much more interesting and less hectic than when I lived in Bushwick. (Yay bike lanes and shared roadways.)

All my term papers were turned in. I had nothing more to do other than a few quick readings for the last class of the semester. With the Internet fixed and reconnected by 11 a.m. last Sunday, I decided to take Rocinant√© for a spin to the good ol’ flea market in Williamsburg.

Kent Avenue
Kent Avenue
It was hot.

Good gawd. What was I thinking?

A leisurely Sunday bike ride with no intent on purchasing anything at the market. That’s what I was thinking. (Well, I was trying to find a graduation gift for a friend but that didn’t turn end in success.)

In the never-ending bike-venture that is #bikeNYC, I decided to try out some new routes. So instead of cutting through Prospect Park and dealing with the other weekend riders and runners and strollers, I headed up Bedford Avenue, towards Kent, then to the Bushwick Inlet Park.

Of course, when I get near the Brooklyn Navy Yard and the expressway ramp area, I miss my turn. Things don’t get too crazy, but I realize that something isn’t quite right when the Navy Yard signage pops up. At this point I realize I’m headed towards the Manhattan Bridge and my regular commute route to/from university.

Check the map and sure enough, that awkward ramp was my turn.

I hate it when it bike lanes go a certain way that just doesn’t look quite right. But good thing there were plenty of other people out Sunday.

Nothing like getting food at the flea market - which was pretty much the only thing I spent my money on that day.
Nothing like getting food at the flea market – which was pretty much the only thing I spent my money on that day.
The greenway along Kent Avenue was nice as the sun beat down on my back, making me question my choice of attire. Summary: I need summer clothes

There was a firefighting training session going on, and the spritz from the water moving through the air was a very nice, though short lived, reprieve from the heat. I was hoping they’d still be there on my way home but nope. It was just me, the lovely tan I’ve developed on my way to the flea market and the blistering sun.

I didn’t get a chance to snap a photo, but the most exciting part of that day’s trip was the towering presence of the Williamsburg Bridge over that area. Very imposing. Perhaps next time I’ll try and snap a photo.

The inlet park in Williamsburg

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