To Brooklyn Bridge Park and Back

Ever since I got back from Maryland, I’ve found myself in situations of total boredom. Of course, these are the days which I don’t have to work or there’s very little work to do for my two jobs (work load which is dictated highly by the academic calendar). It makes me anxious. Not having something to do outside. I mean, who wants to stay cooped up in their apartment?

I can, if I’m feeling down enough not to go anywhere. But really, that’s no fun.

I decided that from now until the start of the next semester, I’d go on some bike and non-bike adventures, and get back into the whole taking photographs for a hobby thing. That’s exciting enough right?

On Tuesday I took Rocinanté out for a spin to Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Entering the park.
Entering the park.
The funny thing: I’ve lived here almost a year now, and I have yet to bike or walk across that bridge. And this is the first time I’ve been to DUMBO or this parts of Brooklyn.

Perhaps one of the best things about going out during a weekday is how relatively empty places are.

The Brooklyn Bridge Park area had some traffic, but it was mostly kids participating in the various summer programs. You know, matching shirts and all that jazz.

This park area is amazing and huuuuuuge. The last time I saw this many artificial turf fields was when I was still living back in Japan. There was also a section for various other sports like bocce ball, basketball, tennis, etc. It’s like an activity hub over there.

Exiting the park... not sure what happened with the GPS map tracking here ha!
Exiting the park… not sure what happened with the GPS map tracking here ha!
The day was particularly nice. A slight wind but overall it was fairly mild. Nice upper 70s and a humidity hovering around 50 percent. Not too shabby.

Not really a perfect day to test my new Camelbak. (Post to come on my initial thoughts.) While the purchase of said pack was prompted by last week’s ride in 90 degree weather, and I’d like to test out its effectiveness in said weather, I’d totally okay with the weather staying the way it was today. Ha!

The ride from Flatbush to the Bridge, and back to Flatbush was nice. Mostly uneventful in the cars get mad arena. Took a leisurely pace today, as I’m more of the “enjoy the ride” recreational type and not the “set lap records” type of cyclist. There were two hiccups that I can remember.

The first was on 9th street, off Park Slope West. Every cyclist’s favorite: repaving.

Just can’t get enough of the grooving. Said no cyclist ever.

It went on for like three or four blocks. And it was downhill (for me). And it was awkward.

The second hiccup was on my way back home, on Union Street. Didn’t see it clearly, but my guess was that there was some tree trimming going on, so parts of Union were blocked off. I had to make a quick-snap judgement detour without consulting the Google maps, and it came out alright! Really though, I wasn’t put off at the possibility of having to take a prolonged detour. I was enjoying my day out on the bike. The map can be consulted after a longer-than-usual feeling of being detoured.

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
Good things on the trip: the smell of some sugary syrup concoction from a hideaway coffee shop on 9th, near Hamilton. I think I was still on 9th street…

The pull of the sugar was so great, I wanted to double back and go into the shop. But no. That’ll be for another ride. Today’s ride is about exploring the park and seeing the Bridge.

I did get my ice cream fix at Ample Hills Creamery, near Pier 5. Coffee-sorbet. Sugar? Check. Caffeine? Check.


Next time I’ll have to make Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory my destination.

The crazy thing about this ride is that there are a bajillion detours that can be made from a set outing. I wanted to go slow and see what was around, but for safety reasons I tried to stay at a relatively safe traffic speed for those areas.

But I guess that just means I have more bike adventures in store for me. ☺

Below are some photos I took. You can check out more on my Flickr page, too.

9th street repave
9th street repaving… cyclists’ favorite.
Ice Cream break
Ice cream break! Coffee sorbet, yum.
One of these days, I will ride in shorts without getting tire marks on the legs. One of these days…



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