To vertical or to horizontal. That is the question.

Or, “what will this space allow us to do?”

Groovy new home storage space for three bikes
Not my system, but want this to work for my bikes ☹
Shelley Mags|Flickr
M and I went out and bought these vertical bike rack hooks, with pivoting arms so you can “fold” them towards the wall.

I like the design concept, and being in a small New York City apartment, I was banking on this hook working for both of our bikes.

And it would have.

If only the drywalls weren’t shite.

Even with these spider anchors that hold up to 80 pounds, as soon as we put my bike on the hook, the top half of the rack just popped out of the wall.

The directions say to mount them in wall studs, but alas, they elude us.

Now there are three big holes in the wall which, of course, will be filled in with spackle. Right now they just look like interesting “wall art.”

So where does this leave us?

Trying to figure out the best place to put the Delta two bike gravity rack, which has served me well for the two or three years that I’ve owned it. The only issue we’re facing with this at the moment is that the bikes are horizontal.

Not the most optimal of space utilization.

*womp womp*

The struggles of the bike life in NYC.



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  1. rootchopper says:

    I mount my bikes in my shed. I used two rubber coated hooks in the rafter. You could do this into a beam in the ceiling, The rear wheels rest on a horizontal two by four mounted to the wall. Of course, if you screw this up, you’ll be spackling the ceiling.

    1. Gina says:

      We do have high ceilings, but I have a feeling that since this simple hook popped out of the wall with the weight of my bike, the ceiling will likely be no different. And that will be really bad. 😦

      I’ll keep this in mind for the future though.

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