Rough and tumble of Bushwick

I’m back in Bushwick, and that means no more regular commutes through the wonderful view and relative safety that is Park Slope and seemingly endless miles of cycle lanes toward Manhattan.

Bushwick streetview
Bushwick Streetview
Dirk De B|Flickr
Earlier this week I revisited my old commute from Bushwick to Union Square—and boy, oh boy. As much as I love my biking commute I do not particularly miss the chaos that is biking in Bushwick.

I consulted Google maps, but my commute was mostly done my memory. (Trying to build that memory/internal bike map guys.) And as such, it resulted in a few missed turns, grid circles, and trying to get my bearings straight.

Despite all this, my commute time hasn’t increased all that much which is great to know.

So, on my way home, I get over the Williamsburg Bridge without any issue. Catch Grand Street and enjoy the relative safety of the bike lane that’s plastered on the street—road debris and all—only to remember that I have to catch Flushing Avenue at some point.


For those unfamiliar with Bushwick, the thought of having to bike in this neighborhood is a nightmare. When you’re actually doing it, it’s not too bad but it’s pretty frightening what with all the delivery trucks and crazy drivers impatiently zooming past you on this crazy stretch of road.

keep bushwick beautiful
Bonus image: Keep Bushwick Beautiful
Ari Moore|Flickr
Right onto Bushwick Avenue. Not too bad of a street. Drivers are a bit scary, but then what drivers aren’t? Cross some train tracks. Wait to make a left at Flushing.

Continue on, swirling and twirling around potholes and questionable piles of street junk.

A few blocks later and I’m home. Haul my bike up two flights of steps and throw it onto the gravity rack.

To the powers that be: please bring some fresh bikes lanes to Bushwick. We could really use them.

🚙 🚲 🚚


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