Ikea by Bike, Turned Adventure Time

Today, M and I decided to bike from Bushwick to that wonderland, Ikea.

The thing about living in New York City is how quickly you learn to experiment and adapt to a lack of something. In our case, we don’t have a closet.

Cobblestones. Are not fun to ride on.
Hi, jiggly arms!
What hole of a “closet” we currently do have doesn’t close all the way because the hung clothes don’t fit properly. They’re shoved at an angle. Also this closet is probably 4 feet wide, and probably no more than a foot deep. It makes you wonder why the designer even bothered to include the closet. ¯\_(⊙_ʖ⊙)_/¯

Our solution? A wall-mounted rack of sorts to open the floor space, and utilize the crazy amount of wall space that is our room.

And to achieve this, we decided to get a storage system from the wonderland that is Ikea. But for the car-less folk who love Ikea, there’s the issue of how to transport all the glorious shit from there back home.

It’s arduous enough that the thought of even wanting to get there makes one want a stiff drink instead.

There’s the train. But even after you get off at the station (in this case, Smith Street), you can either walk 20-25 minutes in the baking sun or wait for the shuttle that never seems to come. Then you just have to figure out how to get everything home, and whether you actually want to carry all the small crap on the train with you.

Ikea by bike, turns into Red Hook adventure.
M getting his #bikeNYC legs in
We’re at Brooklyn Piers here
There is delivery for a fee, which makes buying furniture nice and (almost) hassle free. But you have to make sure your ass is at your apartment to ensure delivery of said furniture.

You can drive, if you’re one of the (oddly) fortunate ones who choose to own a car in this city. In moments like these, a personal car does sound pretty good. But beyond that, not so much. I mean, think about the parking… *Shiver*

So, if there’s delivery available, and it’s a minor inconvenience to ensure you’re there for delivery, why not bike?

This doesn’t sound as crazy as it seems. From what I’ve seen, many people do bike to Ikea. Of course, most of these people probably live within a reasonable vicinity of the Disneyland of home furnishings. M and I biked from effin’ Bushwick.

And we took our sweet time getting there, exploring the greenway along the Brooklyn piers. We went for a small adventure ride in Red Hook—stopping at Valentino Pier; stopping and exploring Erie Basin Park; and checking out the waterfront built adjacent to Ikea.

Once we did a mega lockdown of our bikes, we hurried into Ikea to get our “garment rack” system.

Ikea by bike, turns into Red Hook adventure.
Happy couple on their bikes. There is a smile under that mean-mugging look.
The worst part about a planned trip of this caliber is leaving empty handed. This is exactly what happened to us today after we went to the warehouse to pull all our pieces. The key component to the entire system was sold out.

ლ( `Д’ ლ)


We were pretty pissed. We hustled out of the store, unlocked our bikes and went back to the waterfront park area.

And that’s the amazing thing about being on a bike. The ride. It just does something to you and makes everything better.

We made our way back along the greenway, to the pier. We stopped at the little Ample Hills Creamery shack and got some ice cream; then made our way back to Bushwick via Flushing Avenue.

It was a long day. Total on-bike ride time was somewhere over 2 hours, but we were out for almost five.

The fact that Ikea was sold out of the key part we needed sucks, but I don’t see it as a deterrent from us biking to the store again. It was a very good ride, and even though it may appear more inconvenient than taking the train—in terms of planning routes and figuring out how to transport the products back—it’s so much more enjoyable, freeing, and oddly enough, relaxing.

Here’s to the bike life, y’all.

Valentino Pier – Red Hook.
Folks were fishing from the pier. I wonder how often they catch fish.
click image to embiggen

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