My Rainy TD 5 Boro Bike Ride

I waited four years to do the TD 5 Boro Bike Ride. When I finally do it, it’s a washout with winter-like temps. How’s that for a 40-mile ride around the city?


The ‘Bak On My Back

The weather hasn’t been deathly hot since the ride that prompted me to get a Camelbak, but that hasn’t stopped me from testing it out here and there.

Heat wave, bugs, and sweat

I seem to have a horrible habit of going on ridiculous rides that push my non-professional cycling body over the edge after weeks of not riding in any way. I got back from a small humidity-veiled vacation in Maryland earlier this week, and what do I immediately embark on? A bike-errand-filled day, which itself isn’t…

Bern Berkley All-Season Helmet (Review)

A few weeks ago Bicycle Space had a very intense flash sale, a move which I can only assume was meant to make space on their floor for newer product coming in. Makes sense. Having wanted a new helmet for some time, I jumped on that flash sale. In flash-flood-like conditions. It rained heavily dear…

Carry All The Things!

In which I discover that two panniers is better than one for hauling groceries. Though, of course, I’d like a grocery trailer… or even an extracycle. One can dream…