Rough and tumble of Bushwick

Revisited my old commute to and from Bushwick. Don’t miss the chaos one bit.


Crossing the Bridge: First Lessons

I almost didn’t do it. The more adventurous part of me was all for it—risks and all—but the wary side of me just wasn’t sure if it was the “right day” to bike from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

Bike to Work Day, Rain Deluge Edition

For any bike hoopla we hope for the perfect weather. Maybe a slight breeze, and even an overcast sky, but generally, nice weather is the preference. But as is inevitable, there will be bike hooplas that suffer inclement weather. And Bike to Work Day 2014 was one such hoopla.

A Little Rain Never Hurt Nobody

Says I, determined to finally take Rocinant√© out for a spin and not jump on the boxy contraption that is the bus. Despite my personal disdain for the Georgetown Branch Trail, I decided to take it to work yesterday morning and surprisingly, it wasn’t too bad.

Me and Still-Sleeping Homes

I may have procrastinated a bit too much in writing my last post about the last nice weekend, as it seems winter will return, just in time for St. Patty’s Day. You evil Winter, you. Why can’t you just go already?

But hate is such a strong word…

After much promise of snow and multiple failed deliveries, DC has snow. While my colleagues may gripe at the accumulating fluff, I can’t help but be tickled by it. Sure, I can’t bike anywhere, but I’ll take mounds of snow barring me from riding around instead of half-assed weather events that deliver a pitter patter…