Oh, You Silly City Kids

It’s as if these children have never been anywhere outside a city before, the way they were acting. But who am I to judge those I don’t even know. Advertisements

Biking is Good For the Brain, Especially Young Brains

Here’s an interesting tidbit I came across in Atlantic Cities: A Danish study found that children who bike or walk to school had higher levels of concentration than children who were driven or took public transit to school. I’m not going to go into details about the study here but I surmise that cycling folks,…

My Bikescapade: A Walk

Cross posted from GCimages. Originally posted on Oct. 23, 2012. In some bizarre, twisted thought process I told myself I’d do something pretty outrageous. After a week of no biking, last week’s commute to work was pretty tough. By Thursday my legs were on fire, my knees didn’t want to bend, my hips were in…

Nature’s Treadmill

Cross posted from GCimages. Originally published on June 16, 2011. Not really about cycling, but it’s about being outside and hiking a historical trail in Sandy Spring, Md. I was at Woodlawn Manor Park in Sandy Spring, Md. this past Saturday, June 11, to cover an event hosted by a wellness program called Health Freedom….